Estate Planning

Estate planning is usually described as the process of anticipating and arranging, during a person's life, for the management and disposal of that person's estate during the person's life and at and after death, while minimizing gift, estate, generation skipping transfer, and income tax.

Estate planning includes planning for incapacity as well as a process of reducing or eliminating uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximizing the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. The ultimate goal of estate planning can be determined by the specific goals of the client and may be as simple or complex as the client's needs dictate. Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity.

While most people call the process of drafting a will, trust and other documents estate planning. I call it LIFE PLANNING!

The reason for this is MY process involves so much more than planning for death and minimizing taxes. I empower women to live productively, with intentionality and purpose. I encourage women to choose the life they ultimately want to leave behind and write the story they want others to tell when they are gone.

It is all about living for today….BUT planning for tomorrow!

I work closely with other advisors like CPAs and financial advisors to create a truly comprehensive plan that will enable you to do just that.

Whether it is starting or growing a business, planning for retirement, buying a vacation home or leaving a legacy, I will help you write your story. I will listen to what matters most to you and work towards helping you devise a life plan that will enable you to accomplish your goals and provide peace of mind.