Tracy A. Loignon Esq

Attorney & Counselor at Law

The law firm of Tracy A. Loignon Esq was founded with a vision for a new kind of law firm based on a philosophy of compassionately providing high quality, holistic legal services.

Tracy A. Loignon Esq

Tracy strives to create an empowering and fulfilling experience for all of her clients and does her best to make the process of obtaining legal assistance as painless as possible.

When it comes to Estate Planning, Tracy appreciates that women approach the end game differently. Women are more concerned with intangibles – values such as security, freedom, independence and the welfare of their children and family. Most importantly, Tracy is an attorney who understands that women want to be integral to the process and work with advisors who listen and encourage their input.

Tracy creates Estate Plans for women that reflect their values, relationships and spiritual beliefs.

Not a woman? No problem! The above process works for men as well.

As a small business owner, Tracy appreciates that time and energy is limited and you would rather be focused on growing and nurturing your business. Tracy will make sure all of your legal ducks are in a row so you can concentrate on what you love most.

Tracy enjoys the counseling that is so much a part of her law practice and wants her clients to feel comfortable contacting her with whatever questions or concerns they have, without fear of incurring additional charges.

She is grateful for the lasting relationships she has developed with her clients who know they can turn to her for assistance whenever the need arises.

Originally from Rhode Island, Tracy fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer by the age of 23. After living in New York and then Massachusetts, Tracy eventually resettled in the Ocean State and made the decision to open her own law practice where she could focus on estate planning and working with small businesses.

Tracy’s motto is “Live for today… BUT plan for tomorrow” and she is committed to helping individuals and small businesses thrive and remain protected.

Hear how Tracy works with her clients to create estate plans.